Internationalisation and added value


“Development & Evolution Life Long Learning” provides an array of state-accredited courses such as Train-the-Trainer for Adult Education, ICT basic and advanced skills, Health & Safety in the HORECA and Agricultural industries, and Social Economy & Entrepreneurship.

At the core of our development goals, international collaborations give us the opportunity to participate in cross-border mobilities with peer organisations across the continent. At the same time we can make the most out of a vast pool of educators, researchers and scientists, coming from all disciplines. We firmly believe in strengthening European identity through education and culture, according to the European Pillar of Social Rights. Based on this conviction we are poised to support actions seeking to address relevant contemporary educational challenges.

Our all-encompassing educational offer and wide learners’ and alumni base, combined with our extensive network and interdisciplinary capacities, give us adequate momentum and scientific backing to implement pilots, design educational resources, deliver trainings, conduct surveys, and develop dissemination infrastructure. At the same time, our strong ties with municipal and regional authorities, chambers of commerce and industry, FHE institutions, businesses and employers’ associations, ensure institutional and stakeholder endorsement of our efforts.

If you are an Adult Education professional, and you we believe that we have areas of common interest and complementing activities, we would be glad to hear from you so as to investigate the potential for synergies that go beyond national borders, nurturing European collaboration. Feel free to drop us a line at!



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